Cells and tissue from BioPredic

The French company BioPredic International have a long history providing primary cells and human tissue to the research and clinical markets. BioPredic exclusively are licensed to produce the INSERM HepaRG hepatocyte cell line, widely accepted as a valid alternative to fresh hepatocytes  for drug registration toxicology studies.  In addition to primary cells Biopredic are one of the largest suppliers of human skin and other human tissues for pharmaceutical and clinical drug research and for cosmetic testing.
HepaRG cells have the unique properties of maintaining significant levels of hepatocyte functions, of being inducible and supporting the complete replicative cycle of HBV.  Cells are coculture of hepatocyte like cells and biliary like epithelial cells and are available in monolayers, ready to use.

Download literature:

Functional Expression of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes in Human Hepatoma HepaRG Cell Line - a poster by Miia Turpeinen et al.

CHARACTERISATION OF CYTOCHROME P450 INDUCTION IN HEPA RG CELLS - poster by Kajsa P. Persson and Tommy B. Andersson.

Human hepatoma HepaRG cells: a unique model system for xenobiotic metabolism and toxicity studies - a poster by A. Corlu et al.

HepaRG Human Heptic Cell Line Specifications

HepaRG hepatocytes
A bipotent progenitor cell line
Stable & subnormal caryotype
Human adult liver phenotype
CYP, transporter & nuclear receptor expression comparable to that in primary hepatocytes
Hepatocytes - fresh or cryopreserved; human and animal
Precision cut liver slices - fresh or cryopreserved; human and animal
Frozen human liver
Microsomes; human and animal - single or pooled donors. Prepared from control or CYP induced animals
Vesicular membranes; canalicular membranes, for MRP2, BCRP & BSEP
S9, cytosols and mitochondria; human, rat, dog and monkey
Human & Animal Tissues
Slices: liver, kidney, lung - fresh or frozen
Nail - finger or toe
Cornea (Porcine isolated cornea)
Brain, liver, lung, skin, umbilical cord, placenta, whole blood, intestine, bone marrow, skeletal muscle, nasal polyps, and many others. For custom preps - please enquire
Fluids for Bioanalysis
Gastric & intestinal
Abdominal and mammary
Full thickness dermatomed stratum corneum
Available as frozen sheets
Human skin cells:
Human & Animal Skin
Keratinocytes - pooled or single donar
Merkel cells
Human dermal microvascular endothelial cells
Blood & Blood Fractions
Whole blood,plasma & serum
Human, rodent, dog or monkey
Single donor or pooled
Adult or neonatal
LDL,HDL,VLDL fractions
Human blood cells
PBMC peripheral blood mononuclear cells
PBL peripheral blood lymphocytes
Monocyte derived dendritic cells
CBMC cord blood mononuclear cells
CBL cord blood lymphocytes
CD34+ from cord blood
Liverbeads - co incubation with target cells to add the metabolic competence
Primary cells
Liver - Hepatocytes and non parenchymal cells
Human bone marrow - MSC mesenchymal stem cells and BMMC bone marrow mononuclear cells
Brain (human and animal) - capillary brain endothelial cells, and Astrocytes & glial cells
Human adipose cells - Pre-adipocytes and abdominal or visceral origin
Muscle cells - human adult skeletal muscle cells
Kidney - human proximal tubular cells and rat proximal tubular cells
Endothelium (human and animal) - capillary brain endothelial cells, human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) and human dermal microvascular endothelial cells
All other cells - please enquire
Cells - HepaRG, Hepatocytes, Keratinocytes
Organ Toxicology - Precision cut liver slices & hepatocytes, skin and keratinocytes, kidney slices and primary tubular cells, Blood (whole and cells, adult and cord)
Fractions - Microsomes, S9, Cytocols
Kits & Recombined products
Liver beads
Transporter membranes & Vesicles
CYP primers
AngioKit 24 and 96 well
BBB kit
Subcellular fractions
S9 & cytosols: Liver,intestine, kidney, lung,skin
Liver - human, rat, mouse, dog, cynomolgus
Kidney - human
Lung - human and rat
Intestine - human, rat, mouse, dog
Human skin with validated expiry date
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