Products for Time-Resolved Fluorescence assays

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Available technologies:

Homogeneous TR FRET
Separation TReF
Homogeneous qFM TRF

E40000 QuickAssay AllAssay Evaluation Labelling Kit - designed for academia
   Europium chelate, 50µg
   Europium standard
   Enhancement Solution
   Assay Buffer concentrate - to aid the construction of separation assays
   Wash Buffer concentrate - to aid the construction of separation assays
   Microtitration plate, 96 well

E40200 QuickAssay AllAssay Labelling Kit 200µg - for labeling of 2 x 1 mg protein
   Europium chelate
   Europium standard
   Enhancement Solution
   Microtitration plate

E41000 QuickAssay AllAssay Labelling Kit 1mg
   Europium chelate
   Europium standard
   Enhancement Solution
   Microtitration plate

E50050 Enhancement Solution 50ml for labelling & Separation Assays
E50250 Enhancement Solution 250ml
E51000 Enhancement Solution 1000ml

CE0500 Activated QuickAssay W1024 Eu-chelate 500µg
CE1000 Activated QuickAssay W1024 Eu-chelate 1mg
SC0500 Activated QuickAssay Stable 9 dentate Fluorescent Eu-chelate 500µg
-linkers can be defined by customer

S0250 Eu labelled streptavidin 250µg
S1000 Eu labelled streptavidin 1mg
This is a general reagent for constructing all FRET, Kinetic and Separation Assays for use in  all TR FRET and Separation, solid phase enhanced  assay formats. One reagent for all assays!

Eu-001 Europium instrument calibration Kit
Designed for calibration and performance checking for all instruments with a TRF option.

B100000 Bulk Reagents & OEM products (contact us for more information)

Custom assay (TRF-qFM & FRET) development, support and Labelling Services (contact us for more information)

Homogeneous assay Kits

Q10001 GTP Association Assay Kit 2 x384 well plates
Q81001 GTP Hydrolysis & Association Assay 2 x 384 plates
Q90010 GTP Association Assay 10 plates
Q90020 GTP Association Assay 20 plates
Q82005 GTP Association & Hydrolysis Assay 5 plates
Q20005         Estrodiol immunoassay 5 plates

DTPA Chelates - p-benzyl-DTPA-Eu

BN Products & Services offer a new range of chelates based on the 8 dentate DTPA ( N1- diethylenetriamine-N1, N2, N3, N3-penta-acetic acid) chelate structure.

The DTPA chelates are specifically designed for solid phase immuno-, Hybridisation-, histology- Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) assays and are highly resistant to harsh assays conditions ie against prolonged exposure to competing chelators, heavy metals,  to mMol concentrations, extremes of pH etc).

The chelates are offered activated with an isothiocyanate for labelling of free amino groups in proteins and peptides. Other activations are available on request ( eg for -SH groups we offer iodoacetamido- and other chemistries).

The chelates can be ordered with a Europium, Samarium and Terbium lanthanide metal enabling for the construction of single, dual and triple label assays for multi- probe measurements.

The chelate product is sold as a labelling kit that includes the vial of crystalline chelate, appropriate lanthanide standards for instrument calibration, chelate enhancer solution to enable measurement of the TRF assay, full labelling instructions backed by full technical support.

Product name Product description
Eu-DTPA-01 Eu DTPA labelling kit 1mg
Eu-DTPA-05 Eu DTPA labelling kit 5mg
Eu-DTPA-10 Eu DTPA labelling kit 10mg
Sm-DTPA-01 Sm DTPA labelling kit 1mg
Sm-DTPA-05 Sm DTPA labelling kit 5mg
Sm-DTPA-10 Sm DTPA labelling kit 10mg
Tb-DTPA-01 Tb DTPA labelling kit 1mg
Tb-DTPA-01 Tb DTPA labelling kit 5mg
Tb-DTPA-01 Tb DTPA labelling kit 10mg
Eu-Sm--DTPA002 Dual DTPA Kit 1mg
Eu-Sm-Tb--DTPA003 Triple DTPA Kit 1mg
IAA-Eu-DTPA-01 IAA DTPA labelling kit 1mg
IAA-Eu-DTPA-05 IAA DTPA labelling kit 5mg
IAA-Eu-DTPA-10 IAA DTPA labelling kit 10mg
A new kit measuring both GTP pathways