The key advantage of the Bio-Nobile technology over similar separation approaches with particles – Bio-Nobile developed the QuicPick technology to move the particles out of the sample thus allowing repeated extractions from the same tube or well. Thus eliminating loss of the targeted (DNA, RNA, protein) material – the material being either on the particles or still unextracted in the sample.
The MagRo 96-M multi-magnet workstation. Download brochure for more information.
Move (more) particles - not liquids - with the QuicPick tools.
The 1-magnet QuicPick tool has a larger and stronger magnet than before
Ready to use scalable kits for isolation of DNA, RNA, proteins, etc
The multiEigtht QuicPick tool has a eight strong magnets - idea for working in microplates.
Download the brochure for more information about QuicPick™ magnetic tools