Cell harvesters from Tomtec

Tomtec is the World Leader in Cell Harvester design and manufacture. There is a cell harvester for every application.
You have 3 selections:
    ¤ Format
         • 6x16 format
         • 8x12 format
¤ Manual or Automatic
         • MANUAL Harvester - no program control
         • AUTOMATIC Harvester - fully programmable for ease of use and consistent operation
¤ Type of Filter Media
         • Models for Filter Mat
         • Models for 100µL capacity Filter Plate
         • Models for 300µL capacity Filter Plate

All Tometc Harvesters offer optional Stainless Steel Configuration for TCA Applications, removable wash tips and double “O” ring seals.

Cell sampling using Bio-Nobile tools

Cell culture techniques, such as
    ¤ Concentration of rare cells
    ¤ Study of haematopoietic cells
    ¤ Study of intracellular and secreted proteins
    ¤ Generation of cell lines
    ¤ Expression profiling
For Positive separation, Negative separation, Multi-separation, Phage display, Immunomagnetic cell separation

To support all scales of operation, Bio-Nobile cell separation solutions are designed for configurations ranging from the hand-held QuicPick tools to our MagRo™ 96-M robotic workstation. For all configurations we supply optimized reagents.

Please contact us for a complete listing of cell purification reagents based on magnetic particles.