The key advantage of the Bio-Nobile™technology over similar separation approaches based on magnetic particles is the QuicPick technology to move the particles out of the sample thus allowing repeated extractions from the same tube or well. This eliminates loss of the targeted material (DNA, protein, RNA) – the material being either on the particles or still unextracted in the sample – and ensures extraction of long strain DNA and native proteins.

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Predictive data mining and model optimization for Life Siences combining Goal Optimization, Model Discovery, Variable Selection, Database & File Scoring, etc. in a single package. TheGmax is a data mining and analysis tool that uses genetic programming methods to encourage the spontaneous emergence of natural models. Natural models capture the unsuspected, latent structure and relationships between variables that conventional methods are not designed to reveal.

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TR FRET  (Time-Resolved Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer) requires a suitable acceptor molecule for the Europium chelate. FRET uses two fluorophores, a donor and an acceptor. Excitation of the donor by a suitable energy source triggers an energy transfer to the acceptor if they are within a given proximity to each other. The acceptor in turn emits light at its given wavelength.

TRF-qFM (Time-Resolved Fluorescence Q-Fluorescence Modulation) requires only the ligand to be labelled with the europium chelate. The free Eu-labelled ligand fluorescence emission is modulated allowing only the direct  measurement of the bound ligand (Hemmilä et al 1987).

Separation based TRF assays offer a superior alternative to traditional ELISA technology. Our TRF assays are significantly more sensitive, have a broader dynamic range and are more robust than enzyme-based assays. Separation assays require a coated plate as the solid phase. The plates can be coated with cells, antibodies, streptavidin or other suitable tags.
We offer the complete range of skin preparations from man and laboratory animals prepared in France by BioPredic International SA for a range of applications like Dermal toxicology studies,  Dermal pharmacology studies,  Transport / permeation studies and Isolation of various skin cell types.

We also offer the complete range of primary human skin cells including keratinocytes, Merkel cells, melanocytes, dermal fibroblasts and dermal microvascular endothelial cells. These can be supplied with all the necessary medium and sub-culture reagents and can be provided as cryopreserved ampoules or as ready-to-use, near confluent monolayers in the format of your choice e.g. multiwell plates or tissue culture flasks.