BN Products and Services is the commercial arm of a facility dedicated to the production of high quality protein. The  newly reformed Protein Engineering Core Facility in Turku, Finland, is established to serve the growing demand of researchers and bio-industry in the area of protein engineering.

The core facility is located within the University of Applied Sciences in Turku. It is run as an independent production unit, with purpose built fully equipped and dedicated analytical laboratories, integrated within a clean production area run under full GLP and ISO conditions. Our team of protein engineers have a range of technologies to ensure that we can offer a service from expression to full purification, structural analysis and validation. BN P & S in conjunction with Dr Tony Wahlroos’s expert team now offer tailor-made, optimized, protein expression for those seeking to outsource their protein production. See the following poster for more information about the group.

The team has established expertise and capacity to utilize most expression systems available - offering  protein expression with in vitro-, E.coli, mammalian, yeast and insect cell systems. The production facility offers scalability from test tube to 48 L capacity fermentation in all expression systems we have available.
Primer design
Silent mutagenesis
Cloning of gene of interest
Expression in small scale (in vitro or in vivo)
Expression in large scale (in vitro or in vivo)
Expression in multiple hosts
Detection of the produced protein
Purification of target protein
Fully profiled antibody production against target proteins
Our system allows choice from the primer design to protein production. For example:

Through utilization of  our services and unparalleled expertise you will have more time to concentrate on your actual work.

We have several categories that can be used to achieve client’s targets.. We can provide full strategy from the primer design to protein purification and validation.

For example:
We offer expression of your gene of interest in various systems of ours. This includes in vitro translation optimized expression and E.coli expression in vivo.
We can produce protein using your own organism.
To broaden the expression scale we can put the specified gene of interest in our insect cell expression systems taking advantages of the eukaryotic folding properties.
If the desired protein is not produced with these systems we may still operate with mammalian cell expression systems to achieve your goal to achieve the desired protein yield.
We also provide a full range of consulting services for protein production; please contact BNP & S for details.