BN Products & Services offers contract nucleic acid and protein purifications from stored fixed tissue samples, biopsy samples, blood, tissue and cell culture, and more.

We also offer native or recombinant protein production and process development services to biopharmaceutical and diagnostic industry and purification of recombinant or native proteins from cell cultures and native proteins from tissue material for diagnostic and research purposes. We can utilize the following analytic methods to characterize your proteins: SDS-PAGE, Dot plot and Western plot.

BN Products and Services is the commercial arm of a facility dedicated to the production of high quality protein. The  reformed Protein Engineering Core Facility in Turku is established to serve the growing demand of researchers and bio-industry in the area of protein engineering. Go here to read more.

BN P&S additionally offers Data Mining Services based on TheGMax software for various applications. Send us your data and we will find the rules and connections!

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BN Products & Services offer under full confidentiality a full lanthanide labelling service for proteins, peptides and small drug molecules for use in TR FRET or solid phase assays as well as bio-distribution studies. To ensure functionality we offer to check the labelled product in a TR FRET, TRF-qFM or Solid Phase (DELFIA) assay, custom or model assay formats.

We offer a full  assay optimization service for TRF-qFM, TR FRET and Solid Phase assay formats.

As part of our service offering, we offer a full on site training service, teaching your researchers to achieve successful   labelling with lanthanide chelates for  building TR FRET and other assays formats with the best signal to noise.